What our users say about KOGO

"BOOM !!! It's like Magic"

"You ride, you eat, you stop and then you ride some more and at the end of the day, BOOM ...Magic !!!. The KOGOBot tracks your trip and the KOGO App creates your trip story automatically"

VIR NAKAI, Helmet Stories

What our users say about KOGO

"Cool Looking Intelligent Device"

Roadtrips have never been the same since I got my KOGOBot. I get on the road, enjoy my ride, click pics and KOGO is busy turning my trip into videos & stories. And it looks really cool too. 

MAYUR MAHANTA, Assam Bikers Group

What our users say about KOGO

"Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic"

I spent 3 months offroading in the Himalayas with zero network. Thanks to the KOGOBot and the KOGO App, I have a story with Maps, statistics, pics and videos of every single day... AUTOMATICALLY !!!. Now that is FANTASTIC.

SARATH SHENOY, Transhimalayan Rider

What our users say about KOGO

"I absolutely love it"

KOGO turns my rides  into stories, and the Live Trip feature keeps my loved ones at peace. Storyteller, Memory keeper & Bodyguard. I absolutely love it!

The Automated Videos are a special delight. 


What our users say about KOGO

"Brilliant new way of riding"

No more struggling with uploading pics, making maps or putting a messy travelogue together. KOGO does all this  automatically with hashtags, buddy location, live help and the automatic trip videos are  mindblowing!

MOHIT AHUJA, Bikers for Good

In the Press

"What sounds a little too good to be true is now reality. KOGO is telling your stories from the word GO"


In the Press

"A Device-App Combo that enables you to minutely track your road trips and effortlessly create multimedia travel stories. It is a Power House"


In the Press

"Our tech fantasies have come true. KOGO is the ideal travel partner. Imagine having a companion who does all the thinking while you get to focus on the best part—travelling!"


In the Press

"KOGO is a Social-media Savvy AI-enabled Storyteller For Your Rides!"


In the Press

"A reliable device for an accurate travelogue. Rest Assured - You keep travelling, KOGO will do the rest"